About Us

About Dr. Joyce Bailey

Dr. Joyce Bailey has been in practice for a substantial time and is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Board Eligible in Psychiatry, and Suboxone Certified. Her longstanding goals include careful listening to the patient, trying to hear what the individual is really saying, providing support and comfort as well as utilization of current strategies for symptom relief with the goal of a better quality of life.

About the Practice

Dr. Bailey has a solo psychiatric practice in an inviting and comfortable environment that is supported by one other staff member, an individual that has been with the practice for over 10 years and who responds to calls, schedules appointments and provides reminder calls to patients regarding their upcoming appointment. Adolescents and adults are treated in the practice. Insurance per se is not accepted for reimbursement but any necessary forms are willingly completed for the patient so reimbursement can be provided in a timely manner. In addition, a sliding scale is provided for those who have no insurance or can’t afford the usual fees for sessions.


Dr. Bailey has extensive experience working with others in hospitals, outpatient, or residential settings. Her expertise in the intricacies of successfully treating addicted disorders and the combination of Addictive disorders and Psychiatric disorders make this practice unusual if not totally unique. Of course, staying abreast of the most recent treatment strategies in general psychiatry only adds to the attractiveness for the general psychiatric patient including adolescents as well. To have the availability of a sliding fee scale allows many patients to benefit from treatment, a feature greatly appreciated by those who are more financially constrained.

Treatment is individualized to the needs of the client and approached in a holistic manner, including family, collateral informants, regular psychotherapy according to diagnosis and type of therapy indicated and when necessary, letters/other type of communications are facilitated with work environment, schools, etc. Medical referrals may also be a part of the multimodal treatment plan. No unique processes are utilized, just the combination of many makes the business more unique.