Medication Assisted Treatment


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a relatively recent addition to the armamentarium of treatment we have to offer those who are in recovery from Substance Use Disorders, or drug/alcohol addiction/abuse. New drugs are being added regularly to enhance the ability to remain free of the devastating effects of these substances. It actually began rather early, many years ago, with the addition of Antabuse, a drug that makes a person very ill if they drink when taking the medication. Later, Naltrexone because available to aid in alcohol recovery. That that has been found to be quite successful in reducing craving to drink and also associated with the amount of alcohol consumed during an episode of uncontrolled drinking as well as the frequency of drinking behaviors. And Acamprosate was added to the regimen, a drug that is most useful in early recovery. Antabuse is eons old and continues to be as useful today as ever but is designed for a specific type of client. There is a more recent drug, although not discussed widely, but exceedingly effective and that drug is topiramate. These medications are designed for select individuals and may greatly facilitate the usual recovery strategies such as AA, NA, Smart Recovery, individual counseling or other modalities. It is very difficult to recovery in isolation without some type of support structure. The fact is that most individuals are NOT successful trying to go it alone. But that is another story. For other drugs, the exciting truth is that many different drugs are being tried with varying degrees of success but they are becoming increasingly available for a variety of drugs such as opiates, methamphetamine, Cocaine and many others. Of course they must be tailored to the individual and include a range of options from Clonidine, desipramine, Modafinil, Naltrexone, Antabuse (yes that’s right, for a specific drug of abuse), Suboxone, Methadone, and others. Of course, the specific medications apply to specific drugs. If you have an interest in more details, make an appointment to come in and discuss it.